• Why the word “attraction” is very misleading & what you need to know instead.
  • Why positive thinking & gratitude alone will NOT get you what you want & what will.
  • How to tell why you keep creating things & experiences that are the opposite of what you want.
  • You’ll also get an exercise that’ll show you that you’re ALREADY a master manifester – you just gotta know what you’re doing.

*** This 1 video alone can shift the way you perceive your reality & the way you create.***

  • How to make sure you’re in the driver’s seat of your life & why that’s CRUCIAL to your success.
  • What your life purpose IS (yes I’m really gonna tell you that).
  • How “taking action” can actually SABOTAGE your results & what to do instead.
  • The HARDEST part of intentionally manifesting & what to do about it.

*** Plus I’m going to show you my EASY PEASY LOA™ 6 Step System that makes using the Law of Attraction EASY. (& you’ll get a PDF checklist so you can start gauging where you’re at right away.)***

    • My limiting belief framework so you know what you need to do to change a limiting belief.
    • A magical Q that you can ask yourself to find some of your own hidden limiting beliefs & blocks.
    • The WORST thing in the whole wide world you can do when trying to change a limiting belief. (It’s a doozy, but an easy fix!)

*** Plus you’ll get a Limiting Belief Framework Cheat Sheet so you can get your shift on asap! ***

“I’ve always kind of felt fuzzy about the law of attraction, because it’s been hit and miss in my life. I’m very practical, logical in many ways and so I love that you come at it from such a this-make-sense method!  – Melodee Forbes

This was amazing! It all makes so much more sense now. THANK YOU!– Kristin Rees

“This is the best explanation I’ve had concerning this topic. I was perplexed because I did not understand why somethings work so easily for me whilst others just don’t budge. Thank you again, even ridiculously expensive training programmes don’t give out this much content. It’s clear that it’s all about the passion for you. – Grace Oogudah

“I’ve only finished your bio/intro, but I am already blown away. Can’t wait to hear the rest! – Nicki Skinner

Your videos are literally the best I’ve ever seen on manifesting and limiting beliefs. You answered every questions I had about these topics and broke it down in such a digestible way! Most of these types of videos don’t include anything on limiting beliefs and blocks and how to handle these. Great job!!!!” – Karen C.