You want to create a business & a lifestyle FULL of freedom, fun & fulfillment served up with a BIG ASS side of ABUNDANCE using the Law of Attraction.

But you’re never sure if you’re doing it right??

You’re intrigued… but OVERWHELMED.

There are SO many freaking tools, techniques & opinions out there!

Finding “the secret” is as frustrating as figuring out if you should or shouldn’t eat gluten.

Your head is SPINNING & you’re left wondering:

* Should I journal? Make a vision board? Say affirmations naked in the mirror?

* Should I do a new moon ritual & BURN some shit?

* Should I dance on 1 foot in the forest w/ my left hand tied behind my back at 3am while chanting my desires so all of mother nature can hear me?

You just want to find a system that you understand & that works for YOU.

You’re hopeful… but CONFUSED!?!

You HAVE experienced some evidence of The Law of Attraction in your life.

A parking spot here… a free coffee there…

That time you found 20 bucks in your coat pocket JUST when you needed it!

But you can’t figure out why it only works sometimes, but not others?

For SOME things, but not others??

You feel deflated & decide that you just have too many hidden blocks & limiting beliefs.

So naturally, you go take a nap.

You wanna feel inspired… but you’re FRUSTRATED.

You’re tired of dreaming the same… damn… dream over & over w/ no results.
You’ve cut & pasted, gotten grateful, said all of your affirmations.

And you waited. And waited…  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand… waited.

But nothing.

Not even ONE teeny, tiny, divine bread crumb to lead you to that delicious desire of yours.

You feel like you’re missing out on something special.

You want to do work that feeds your bank account AND your soul.

You want a home that feels good & fully expresses who you are.

You want a healthy body & the clothes to go with it.

You want to feel free and you want to have fun!

And YES.

You want to top it off with Mr. (or Mrs.) McDreamy who happens to be painfully sexy, off the charts supportive, absolutely HILARIOUS & oh so conscious, just like you.

You know you’re MORE than ready to live your ideal, dreamy lifestyle & you want a piece of this magic PRONTO!

I wrote down that I wanted to manifest $5k, and that week, I realized that I could bill far more than I expected, it was $5k!!!
The course was so comprehensive and ALL of the homework was fantastic!
I really liked that it was all about *action* and not just discussion on whys, spiritual whatever, physics, etc. or anything besides *doing*.
It was really helpful and more fun to focus on getting results.
You did an amazing job at giving me he skills I need to rock LoA! 🙂


Web developer

It’s all so logical & actionable!

I had been sporadically manifesting stuff throughout my whole life, but I had no idea there was an actual blueprint to do so.

Even though I love woo woo, it was refreshing to have a more objective perspective on things. I knew manifestation was a muscle I needed to keep practicing, but now I know HOW to do it and I don’t have to rely on “luck”.


Designer & Illustrator

My life looks completely different since first starting the program.

My life felt kinda out of my control, like I was waiting for things to happen to me… With a “what’s meant to be is meant to be” kind of attitude.

Easy Peasy LOA has made me realize that I CAN control more things in my life.

Since the workshop I’ve manifested money, new connections for my business, a year’s supply of deodorant, and now I’m lounging by the beach in my dream cottage!!


Jewelry Designer

How freaking AWESOME would it feel to not only know exactly how to figure out what you want, but to also have immense confidence in your ability to create it?


if you’re desire happens to not be showing up…
… wouldn’t it be GLORIOUS to be able to pin point
WHY & know EXACTLY where to course correct, so that it DOES manifest?


How utterly AMAZING would it feel if you could relax & enjoy your life as is, RIGHT NOW because you had unwavering faith that your new desire was on it’s way?

Wouldn’t that be neat-fucking-o?

It is.

It’s how I live my life & I can absolutely teach you how to live that way too.

The Law of Attraction isn’t as mystical & mysterious as

most make it out to be.

It’s actually quite logical & can be very easy to use.

You just need a solid understanding of how it works & a reliable system so you can always feel confident that you’re doing it right.

It’s taken half of my life & a LOT of experimentation to figure this out, but I HAVE &

I’ve packaged it all up into a nice, neat & HIGHLY effective 6 step system called

is an online experience where you’ll learn my step-by-step formula for using The Law of Attraction to create more abundance & anything else you want.

I’m not gonna just tell you to ask believe & receive,

I’m gonna show you HOW.

If you’ve been dabbling in manifesting for a while, but want to gain a deeper understanding & hone your skills so you can feel more in control of DELIBERATELY creating what you desire then THIS IS FOR YOU.

Beginners & the LOA curious are welcome too!

I was overwhelmed with all of the things I thought I had to learn about the Law of Attraction.

You laid out everything in an easy to understand way and I saw change with each week’s mind shifting exercises!!

They were intense sometimes, but it felt good to push through them and it’s neat to look back on your old thoughts and see the shift that happened.

Now I know how to find blocks and change them into affirmations and how to look for synchronicities to guide me.

In my business people are seeking ME out and ideas are coming to me easier.

I definitely felt a shift during the program (and I continue to feel it)! I feel a lot more empowered in creating my ideal life.

I feel connected to myself more because I’m finally moving and starting to live the life I wanted.


Wellness Revolutionista

It’s given me so much confidence!

I knew about The Law of Attraction, but I wasn’t using it intentionally so I was getting wishy washy results and I doubted a lot of my dreams were possible at times.

EASY PEASY LOA™ and the 1:1 coaching helped me to make a clear decision about my writing career and I immediately began attracting lots of information to help me follow through with this decision.

It’s given me so much confidence!

It also felt as though Susan really cared about our success and helping us understand all of the content. On the calls and in the Facebook group.

She is a great role model and inspiration, not just with examples from her own life, but also in the advice she gave to me and to the others on the calls and in the Facebook group.



This is the best course I’ve taken (including B-school).

It FELT like my job was sucking my soul. Loved my peeps, but no opportunities for creativity, and lots of repetition with no end in sight.

I’ve been fascinated with LOA and the science of mind over matter for many years. Taking this course helped put all the pieces together in such a confidence-inspiring way.

By building my trust and faith muscles, I took the plunge and gave notice at my soul-sucking job. I don’t know what’s next, but it feels exhilarating, and I NOW KNOW THE U HAS MY BACK!!

The community also helped me a lot with the practical application (and I’m not ‘done’, either ~ I think LOA is a lifetime kinda thing) and it’s really fun to hear the stories and laugh with each other!

I also liked how you were there, in a leadership role, but also as a fellow practitioner. You were very available, and supportive, and you also are so approachable and kind.

For some reason, it always feels like ‘coming home’. No shit.


Self Love Coach


Each dedicated to a single step in my proven (& fun) 6 Step EASY PEASY LOA™ Process.

With every module you’ll also receive sometimes fun, sometimes challenging, but ALWAYS rewarding exercises so you can create motion & miracles in your life – immediately.

  • An intro to the Law of Attraction so you can understand exactly what’s happening when you manifest… (& master it!)
  • Why bad things happen to good people + the 2 reasons why you would attract something “bad”.
  • How to make sure you’re in a place of power so you can dictate & design exactly what you want to create in your life.
  • The 1 HUGE mistake that peeps make when trying to get clear.
  • How to know when to dream BIG & when it’s more beneficial to think small.
  • How to get crystal clear on what you REALLY want even if you “think” you already know 😉
  • How to attract a person. (probably not what you’ve been told…)
  • How to truly commit to your desire & what happens if you don’t.
  • How to know if you’re desire is on it’s way & what to do if it’s not.
  • How to know where to direct YOUR focus and where you can let the Universe do the work.
  • How to uncover limiting beliefs & find hidden blocks.
  • How to cultivate new empowering beliefs that are aligned w/ your desire.
  • How to use VISUALIZATION to create what you want.
  • How to create your own practice & know which manifestation tools will work best for you vision boards don’t work for everyone!
  • A workbook that’ll help you get to know yourself on a whole other level! It shows you what you’re believing & guides you through what you need to do to shift it.
  • How to step into the energy you need to be to attract what you want internally & externally.
  • I’ll show you how incredibly powerful your thoughts & intentions are & how what’s going on on the inside affects what’s going on the outside & vice versa.
  • My FAVE tool for speeding up the manifestation process & allowing ABUNDANCE.
  • Creating physical space for your desire to manifest.
  • How to prevent disappointment.
  • How to REALLY use gratitude & other high vibey emotions to speed up your results.
  • How to build faith & trust that your desire is on it’s way.
  • A jam packed, no joke, workbook full of exercises & tips for dropping resistance like it’s HOT.

It can feel impossible to “dream big!” when your goal is to get basic needs (health, shelter, money) met.

While manifestation has always made sense to me in concept, I’ve found it difficult to execute on. Susan gets it. No matter where you are in your process, she makes manifestation feel accessible and fun – really!


Trend Consultant

Before I worked with Susan I was all over the place trying to figure out what I really wanted and needed to believe for what I felt was meant to be a 6-figure launch.

Even just THINKING of my session with Susan makes me feel lighter.

I’ve been intrigued by this whole concept of visualization for a while, and she knows her stuff! She helped me get clear on my values and supported me in keeping my mind aligned with my goal.

She can and will help you MAKE your dream come true. Literally. Plus going after “crazy” goals is more fun when you have friends who believe in them with you 🙂


The Communication Stylist

A week after our session I sent out 1 invoice which was the same amount as the total during the past 6 months!! This works!

Having a background in science, I have always been a bit skeptical, but working with Susan was amazing – within 20 minutes she had found out the underlying cause from decades ago that was causing my money aversion!

Susan gave me the confidence to work towards my goals with visualization and manifestation being the corner stone of it all. Enjoy the ride!


FOUNDER OF SwissHealthCoach

I have manifested a car, clients for my business, money, living space, and so much more.

I had heard about the law of attraction before, I had read “The Secret” and I had seen the movie, but it never really made sense to me. I couldn’t figure out how to apply it to my life. It sounded great, but it just wasn’t working for me. I thought maybe I couldn’t do it or maybe it wasn’t real.

EASY PEASY LOA™ changed all that. It’s an amazing tool!

Susan’s system breaks it down into concrete steps that anyone can use to create change in their lives. Does it work? It totally does. I have manifested a car, clients for my business, money, living space, and so much more.

EASY PEASY LOA™ helped me figure out what I really wanted, what mindset shifts I needed, and how to make LOA work for me.

Susan answered my questions, helped me work through the parts of the system that felt sticky for me, and the Facebook group is quite possibly my favorite Facebook group of all time. The other EPs are such amazing people, the support and fun we have is incredible.

To anyone thinking about doing EASY PEASY LOA™ or working with Susan I would say do it, do it, DO. IT. Right now. You won’t believe how powerful it is!


Photographer, Designer, & Brand Strategist

Things have completely shifted for me.

I was recovering from corporate burnout while trying to start a new business at the same time and I knew in my gut the old burnout was sabotaging the new reality I was trying to build.

I needed to figure out the mindset stuff and how to make my brain work for me, not against.

Easy Peasy gave me a format to organize all the ideas and visions I’ve had in my head into a clear map of where I want to go and how to go there.

I found the concepts really easy to understand and have many a light bulb moment wondering why these things had never occurred to me before simply because I did find them so obvious and easy once pointed out.

Just enough woo to get me intrigued and just enough real to not freak me out.

I feel empowered, reconnected to a healthy mindset game, and everything is starting to make sense again.

I do have a journal full of everyday wins I’ve had since starting the program that I refer to help me “Prove it” everyday.

Since the concepts were new, and the idea of me talking about these things personal to me was pretty new, it was so important to have that supportive community there who were going through the same experiences based on the same information and we were all speaking your LOA language which made me feel safe in there.

Thank you thank you thank you – huge shifts for me.


Business Strategist

There was so much to love!

Before EASY PEASY LOA™ felt like I was swimming upstream, like I could see where I wanted to go, but an invisible current was pushing me away from my goal. The harder I kicked my legs, the faster the current pushed me downstream.

The program taught me how to own how I create my reality.

I saw how I accidentally manifested some negative situations! I wanted more time to work on my book, and clients suddenly dropped. I wanted to move houses, and we got kicked out of our rental house. Things like that.

I learned that the more desperately I want something, the more likely it is that I’ll get what I want, but not in the way I want it.

Through EPLOA, I learned to be grateful for what I have, to be bold and specific with what I want, and to trust that the Universe/God wants to give it to me.

The videos were the perfect length (they’re so easy to watch while I’m taking a break from work or during my evening wind down).

I also loved the Facebook group, such a lovely group of supportive women and the group and 1-on-1 phone calls with you. We got so much accomplished in 1 phone call!


Writing Coach & Author


(voted over & over as THE most fun, supportive Facebook group on the inter webs…)

is a private community to share your manifestation wins

& to give & receive support from other like minded peeps.

The group creates major momentum & it’s a potent vibe raiser that’ll help speed up your results.

I pop in & out to cheer you on.

If you’d like to learn how to activate this Universal force, from a tuned in teacher, EASY PEASY LOA is a great place to start.

Sure you’ve heard of the law of attraction, who hasn’t at this point. But are you REALLY using it to your full advantage? I know I wasn’t. And I’m one pretty self aware chick..

The law of attraction is kind of like gravity, in that it’ll do its thing in your life regardless of whether or not you like, accept or agree with it, so it’s up to you how much you use this force to your advantage.

Here’s what I know for sure: the more you understand and utilize this law the more immediate and positive shifts you will feel and see in your life.

Enjoy your learning journey with Susan and the new life it’ll certainly draw to you. Perhaps
I’ll see you inside in the FB group, where we share the results of what we’ve drawn in.


Life stylist & Owner of Align, Inc

Susan understands just where you are in your journey and can help you take the leap into the next level.

I had the opportunity to work with Susan on the nuts and bolts of manifestation and I couldn’t be happier and more satisfied.

I think the most invaluable thing about Susan is the fact that she has much first-hand experience with manifestation. She was very helpful throughout the entire process and answered all of my questions with great tips and actionable items!


Life Coach

I had some experience with the Law of Attraction, but I was feeling frustrated because I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right.

I found that sometimes it seemed to work for me, and other times, not so much.

I really wanted help on specific tools, and honing this practice because I found myself getting overwhelmed at times about figuring out where to begin.

Your program provided me with all of this! 🙂

The exercises that you provided each week helped me to direct my attention and to gain clarity and overall I feel more hopeful, optimistic, and focused.

The “Prove It” exercise is great, and something I have to keep doing, because I realized that I’m not always acknowledging things that I may be attracting!


Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor

  • 6 step-by-step DIY video modules that’ll help you feel in CONTROL of manifesting Law & allow you to see exactly what you need to do create your desire & exactly where to course correct if your desire isn’t showing up.
  • Deep, mind shifting homework that’ll spark insane A-has & kick your creation into high gear.
  • SO. MANY. FUN, complementary bonuses to help build your faith in the Universe, yourself & your ability to create ABUNDANCE & live in a state of ALLOWING.
  • SUPPORT : a private high vibe Facebook group where you’ll have a helluva lot of fun, keep your momentum going & receive support from other EASY PEASY Lovelies.



A bit of instant gratification….

Upon purchase you’ll receive an email with a registration link & you’ll have access to Step #1 OWN IT & your first bonus PROVE IT! so you can start getting your #maniwins on in the Facebook group.


EASY PEASY LOA™ is quite a hefty program – meaning that while it is easy peasy… you get a lot!

Once a week you will receive an email with the next step & any bonuses that compliment that step.

Most videos range 20-45 mins & for the homework, you can take as much or as little time as you would like to spend on it.

Each module is a little different and it can depend on how deep you want to go. It also depends on the desire you’re working on & how close to alignment your belief system is with that desire.

I’ll also be showing you some easy ways to start incorporating the Law of Attraction into your life so it’s second nature, but remember it is a practice.

I live it effortlessly without thinking about it, but that happened because I practiced.


Several reasons.
1. I teach it based on a principle that changes EVERYTHING.
The Universe isn’t Santa, it doesn’t deliver it REFLECTS.
Understanding my ‘like reflects like’ principle ALONE is enough to shift how you see & experience your reality.
2. Most books & teachers tell you to “ask, believe & receive” – this shows you HOW.
EASY PEASY LOA™ is a concrete, proven step by step system that shows you HOW to “ask, believe & receive”.
Not by blindly adopting the tools that have worked for me, but by discovering a manifesting process & a practice that works for you.
There is no one “right” way to manifest & the info out there can be really confusing & contradictory.
Manifesting should feel good & be fun for you. EASY PEASY LOA™ shows you how to do that.
3. My favorite reason.
EASY PEASY LOA™ is most unique because it’s designed to act as a gauge so that you always know if you’re doing it right & so you can see exactly where you need to course correct if you’re not.
If your desire isn’t manifesting you will know why & know what to do so that is does.
This gives you an awesome sense of clarity confidence & control in what you’re trying to create.
Doesn’t get much better than that!


In no way, shape or form would I ever want you to go into debt or starve your children for an online program. If money is an issue you really need to check in with your gut.
Here’s how.
Close your eyes and visualize yourself in the program learning all of this manifesting goodness post payment.
Notice what and how you feel in your body.
Do you feel excited, exhilarated or expansive? Or do you feel a contracted or tense feeling?
If you feel expansive go for it, icky, hold off for now.
EASY PEASY LOA™ is a positive & fun experience, it shouldn’t be stressful. I truly, from the bottom of my heart, ONLY want you to join if it feels good for you.


Honestly, that depends on you, what you want & your beliefs.

We all have beliefs, religious or otherwise, that may conflict with what we’re desiring and if you’re not willing to shine a light on those in order to attract what you want, then yes that will hold you back.

But the Law of Attraction itself isn’t at all about religion. It’s a universal law, like gravity.

It’s about our energy. And everything is energy, including GOD.

But please make the decision that feels most comfortable for you.

Before working with Susan I was severely undercharging for my work. She taught me a new way of thinking and it has changed my life.

There was a job coming up that I really wanted and she helped me get clear on what I
wanted and taught me how to start attracting instead of repelling money!

She showed me how to cultivate the confidence I needed to charge a higher price.

Even though I was nervous, I asked for the $65 rate. Instead the woman said “no way you are too talented for that, you will charge $150/ hr at least!!” I still can’t believe it!

I can’t recommend her enough!”


Jewelry Designer & Illustrator

This course is obviously about so much more than manifesting… it’s about living a happy and fulfilled life!

I love the way the course is structured! It’s so easy to take in the information, and to keep track of everything! My chaotic brain loves the clear structure 🙂

The Facebook group is also a really powerful part of this course! It is so great to be in touch with all the others who are learning the same!


Artist & Writer

After working with Susan I quickly began feeling so many shifts in both my confidence and ability to receive money. She helped me dig deep to find and clear limiting beliefs and old money blocks that were holding me back from abundance in my work and in my life. I even got a new client during one of our coaching sessions! Now business is booming, I just moved to an amazing new apartment and opened my own office. All good things…and I couldn’t have done without her help!


Acupuncturist, Herbalist & Reiki Practitioner

I 1000% believe in The EASY PEASY LOA™ Program it comes with a 30 Day (from

purchase) money back guarantee. Forward your completed worksheets from the modules you’ve received & you’ll receive your money back – no Qs asked.

**** BUT ****

So we’re super, duper, crystal clear on expectations…

While I can teach you everything you need to know in order
to jump into the driver’s seat of your life & create whatever it is that you want,


Only you are responsible for your results.

I can’t create your life for you, my friend.

Please understand that before you buy.

If I do figure out how to do that in my lifetime you can be sure
I’ll create a program for that too!

I loved the course, I have learned how to drop into a state of what feels like flow.



The homework was AWESOME.

The modules are inspiring and fun.

The tone of the program is cool, it makes it so much more accessible. 🙂


Naturopath, Nutritionist & Health Coach

  • 6 step-by-step DIY video modules that’ll help you feel in CONTROL of manifesting Law & allow you to see exactly what you need to do create your desire & exactly where to course correct if your desire isn’t showing up.
  • Deep, mind shifting homework that’ll spark insane A-has & kick your creation into high gear.
  • SO. MANY. FUN, complementary bonuses to help build your faith in the Universe, yourself & your ability to create ABUNDANCE & live in a state of ALLOWING.
  • SUPPORT : a private high vibe Facebook group where you’ll have a helluva lot of fun, keep your momentum going & receive support from other EASY PEASY Lovelies.


If you don’t know me, my name is Susan Ferraro. I’m a Mindset Coach, a Psychic Medium & the Creator of this genius 6 Step EASY PEASY LOA™ system.

Over the past 20 years I’ve experimented & mastered using the Law of Attraction in my own life.

Now I show other creative, conscious women how to do the same so they can FINALLY manifest their “dream” lifestyle of freedom, fun & fulfillment served up with a big-ass side of ABUNDANCE.

Before this, I was a successful fashion designer for many years. I designed for US brands such as DKNY, Banana Republic & my last position was as the design director for Kate Spade New York.

I used the Law of Attraction throughout my career & have had many deliberate successes. Including unique, unheard of career opportunities, LOTS of money, dream jobs, dream homes, relationships (romantic & otherwise) & a hot bod. I even used the Law of Attraction to quit smoking. I’ve created & recreated my lifestyle many times over & magical things happen to me  ALL – OF – THE – TIME.

But it hasn’t always been all sunshine & roses.

Which is why having a clear, deep understanding of how powerful we are is SO important.

I’ve attracted good health, but I’ve also attracted bad health.

I’ve attracted good people and opportunities, but I’ve also attracted less than stellar ones…

I’ve experienced what it’s like to feel rich & abundant, but I’ve also experienced what it feels like to live from a place scarcity & lack. (it’s not as fun as abundance btw)

I got curious.

I wondered, why did this work sometimes, but not others? For some desires, but not others? And why for some people, but not others?

It wasn’t just vision boards, I didn’t even use a vision board & if it really was about being a positive “good” person all the time, then why weren’t all of the positive, good, grateful people rich & skinny???

Why did they suffer & why did others seem to have everything they needed & wanted even though they may not “deserve” it?

What I realized was that my life wasn’t happening to me, it was happening FROM me.

It wasn’t easy to own up to all of that, that I was responsible & not the Universe, but once I did I began to see the common threads.

I realized that if I made sure I was or wasn’t doing certain things I’d have more deliberate success & faster results.

THAT’S how my EASY PEASY LOA™ system was born.

There is SO much conflicting info out there about the Law of Attraction.

Trying to figure it out what works for you AND what works consistently can be really frustrating and deflating.

But with the right understanding, tools, & guidance you CAN create anything & everything you want.

I was working on a money pattern for years. In just 30 min. with you I was able to pinpoint it and notice how it was playing out in my life.

This felt like a big win for me 🙂

You were super easy to talk to and I loved that you brought in lots of personal examples. It was fun and gave me a greater sense of clarity as to where I was stuck.

I also loved that you provided me with so many useful resources for moving forward.

And I was deeply impressed by how much effort you put into the follow-up. You have gone way above and beyond 🙂

Thanks so much for the insights and clarity you offered. I appreciate you hugely!


Yoga Inspired Grief Coach

If you are at all on the fence, not sure if the law of attraction really works, do yourself a favor and book a session with Susan!

I was not sure if manifesting really worked, but Susan’s vibrant personality made me curious and I wanted to know how it works for her and if it can work for me too. I loved Susan’s energy!

She’s focused, tough, generous and very loving. She lives up to the high expectations on her home page.

In only one intensive session she empowered me on my new path. She will clarify all questions, show you how to clear your blocks and set you up for your personal manifesting adventure.


Women’s Mind Body & Soul Coach

For a long time I was stuck on the trajectory of doing what I thought I “should” be doing to get my business off the ground.

Susan helped me leave that behind and instead focus on manifesting what I wanted to be doing. She was very supportive when I lacked faith in my idea and helped me push past the fear and believe in myself and my big vision.

If you have the chance to work with Susan I highly recommend it… you won’t regret it!


Lifestyle Design & Headmistress of Charm School

  • 6 step-by-step DIY video modules that’ll help you feel in CONTROL of manifesting Law & allow you to see exactly what you need to do create your desire & exactly where to course correct if your desire isn’t showing up.
  • Deep, mind shifting homework that’ll spark insane A-has & kick your creation into high gear.
  • SO. MANY. FUN, complementary bonuses to help build your faith in the Universe, yourself & your ability to create ABUNDANCE & live in a state of ALLOWING.
  • SUPPORT : a private high vibe Facebook group where you’ll have a helluva lot of fun, keep your momentum going & receive support from other EASY PEASY Lovelies.